Screwdriver Set Buying Guide

There is equipment, but then there is the irreplaceable equipment. While the words "drill" and "screw gun" are often used synonymously, they are unique equipment. So, what is the difference between screw gun and drill? Plasterboard is built by screw guns, whereas drills are required to attach furniture and trims.

A drill is a multi-purpose, flexible and convenient mechanical device. The use of a screw gun is restrictive, whereas, the power drill had been one of the very common power equipment in the market since its invention in 1889.

But this is not the beginning and the end of the discussion. We agreed it was time for the screw gun vs drill paper to see which one is easier to use and more efficient.

Difference Between Screw Gun and Drill

Screw Guns

They fulfil one primary function. Screw guns fix screws. They will not dig holes. Screw guns are reliable since you can pick the diameter of the screw you like. A screw gun is a specialized machine of little use. It appears like a drill, it also resembles a drill handle, but a screw gun has much less force than a drilling machine. It is less efficient and variant just because of that.


The drills create a hole, but the drill is built to offer multiple shafts, making them more flexible. Drills can push screws, too. You may turn a drill into a screw gun using a custom simpler extension. A drill is a mechanical arm device with a spinning tip or a vibratory tool used to create holes. They are flexible since they have adjustable rivets that range in every length and weight possible and enable you to handle every kind of stuff.

Which Is Better? Screw Gun Vs Drill

They have a closed height of 4 inches and raised the height of around 16 inches. They weigh around lbs. a pair.

Drills are the perfect multi-purpose weapon. So, while drills are functional, reliable, and efficient, accommodating for several uses. There are occasions when a specialized tool like a screw gun does a pretty good job.

Drills make decent screw guns. However, the screw gun is quicker, stronger, and much more effective when repairing the plasterboard. So, when it comes to screw gun vs drill, it all depends on what kind of work you are required to do. If it is only a one-time investment, then drills are far more a better option as they can serve the purpose of both effectively.